Why to exhibit

With the rapid development of China's auto industry, China has become the world's largest auto market,especially the automotive market in midwest China is growing very fast,many auto manufacturers and auto part suppliers choose the midwest China as their new increasing point.And China's auto manufacturers are actively seeking the latest and most cutting-edge technologies to produce the better vehicles,and the industry has stepped into the era of transform to cater for Industry 4.0.Based on this background,China Advanced Automotive Manufacturing Congress & Exhibition 2022 (AMC) will be held in Wuhan,Hubei province,join us,we will take you to the fast growing automotive market in Midwest China.
…focus on new technology and new products
The organizing committee will invite the leading auto technology companies to show the latest products
…different exhibition areas cover all the hot topics
The totally 30,000㎡ exhibition area is to show different topics products
…high quality visitors and buyers
The organizing committee will utilize our wide partners to invite more and more professional visitors.
…global perspective and regionalization
The participators from all around the world come to Wuhan to find new opportunity
…the colorful concurrent activities
The organizing committee will hold colorful automotive forums to meet auto engineers’ need
…regional advantages
The host venue, Wuhan is China's famous motor city.


China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center(Wuhan)
Oct.20,2022   AM9:00-PM16:30
Oct.21,2022   AM9:00-PM16:30
Oct.22,2022   AM9:00-PM16:30