Exhibition scope

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Automobile Design & Development/Automobile Materials/Precision Forging Production Line and Manufacturing Cell for Auto Parts and Components/Car Body Manufacturing Process and Equipment/Chassis Manufacturing Technology and Equipment/Assembly Technology/Quality Control and Testing/EV Engineering/CV Manufacturing Technology and Dedicated Equipment/Lightweight Manufacturing Technology and Equipment/OEM/Automotive Engineering and Services/Aluminum Engineering/Carboform Engineering/Smart Logistics/Machine Vision/Autonomous Driving/AR and VR Automotive Applications/Total Solution for Factory Control System/Future Smart Factory Demonstration Project/3D Printing/Cloud Systems/Artificial Intelligence

Wuhan International Expo Center
May.09,2019 (Thu)  AM9:00 – PM4:30
Mar.10,2019 (Fri) AM9:00 – PM4:30 
Mar.11,2019 (Sat)AM9:00 – PM4:30