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Wuhan international expo center is authorized and approved by Wuhan munipal government. It is a multifunctional composite green ecological international expo zone, consisting of exhibition, conference, hotel property, commercial blocks, leisure culture and tourism, which is built by Wuhan construction investment and development group corporation and Chengdu new century city international expo center corporation. Wuhan international expo center is located in the center of hanyang Sixin new town.It's to the east of the Yangtze river, and to the north and south of the adjacent cities respectively fast channel second line and axis line. It's close to BaiShaZhou Yangtze river bridge and 30 minutes far to Wuchang, Hankou and Wuhan railway stations. Two subway lines under construction will be joined here.
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China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center(Wuhan)
Oct.20,2022   AM9:00-PM16:30
Oct.21,2022   AM9:00-PM16:30
Oct.22,2022   AM9:00-PM16:30