What does a stand at AMC cost?
You can take the stand prices from our application forms. 
What are the opening times of AMC 2022
Opening Times
Oct.20,2022 (Thur.)  AM9:00 – PM4:30
Oct.21,2022 (Fri.)   AM9:00 – PM4:30
Oct.22,2022 (Sat.)  AM9:00 – PM4:00
When are the assembly and dismantling times?
2022.10.18    8:00 a.m.–17:30 p.m.
2022.10.19    8:00 a.m.–24:00 p.m.
Dismantling after the exhibition
2022 Oct.22     4:00 p.m 
Dismantling is permitted on the last day of the exhibition from 16:00. 
What do the marketing services include?
When you make a binding application to be an exhibitor, you will receive our marketing services, which include the following:
· Entry in the printed exhibition catalogue
· 1 free exhibition catalogue
· Entry in the online exhibitor directory
· Basic advertising package (admission vouchers, visitor brochures) for raw space area over 36 square meters
· Press releases displayed in the press centre
How do I enter my company in the online exhibitor directory?
Our online editorial team will be happy to do this for you. Send us your enquiry:
Mr.Brian BAO
027-8476 5686

China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center(Wuhan)
Oct.20,2022   AM9:00-PM16:30
Oct.21,2022   AM9:00-PM16:30
Oct.22,2022   AM9:00-PM16:30